MOOCs : a Place to Learn by Sharing

With the nature of the MOOCs itself, participants are considered to be self-driven in this learning approach. The lack of face-to-face interaction or assigned project, participants must be passionate enough to persistently engage themselves with the course and discussion.

These Massive Open Online Courses allow anyone to access from anywhere in the world. There is no application process or tuition fee, only the Internet and device are required to have the access.

This learning approach requires a certain level of knowledge on digital literacy. Taking Digital Marketing MOOC as a non-native English speaking student, one of my challenges is to contribute my ideas involved with digital marketing. Though, I found it is a less-intense space for me because I can take time elaborating the idea and expressing them in the form of words. Still, I personally prefer a face-to-face learning environment because it provides a responsive interaction among participants.

The course includes short video interviews, articles, statistics and arguments from contributors and educators. It is good to have a call-to-action or quick summary at the end because learners will be encouraged to share their thoughts. MOOC learning community consists of people from different backgrounds. Though it is difficult to read all the comments, I still find useful contributions from other learners. Their opinions are from specialist backgrounds in marketing or web developer, also from the business owners point of view. Many comments, including my classmates, demonstrate their opinions and concern from their work experience. Many issued involved with digital age were addressed and triggered my awareness as a consumer and marketer. For example, consumers arising issues involve the digital asset ownership and usage restriction. While a marketing function is to understand and adapt with the social changes. The challenge would also to develop and influence marketing strategy in order to reach their organization’s goal.

Instead of trading lecture hours for MOOCs, students should be encouraged to participate in the online course as an additional learning resource. It would be interesting to use those hours for in-class discuss on significant issues or comments we found useful. This will help us to review what we might have missed due to the run-through comments. I am sure there are plenty of comments that I have missed and those could have been beneficial for me to know. Also, it would be helpful to include the glossary in the course introduction page. Participants can get themselves familiar with the technical terms and enhance their contributor during the discussion.

To sum up, I think the future of education does not lie with only online learning. Increasingly, both traditional and online education should be used to reinforce a learning experience. It is an enhancement of learning opportunity beyond distance and physical limitation. One may need to set a learning objective and consider whether an online course is suitable for them. To get the best of the MOOC, motivation, self-discipline and contribution to fellow students are the keys to success for the online students. The more learners can contribute, the more they will learn.


12 thoughts on “MOOCs : a Place to Learn by Sharing

  1. Since the activity in MOOCs depends on each participant posts feedback on the comments, I would argue that it sharpens our literacy. Beside, I see someone who has good in literacy, they got a lot of engagements with audiences.


  2. Although online courses provided many benefits for student in this technology era, but I agree with you that we have to combine and learn both in common education and online education together to have the most best result in studying for the student. May be assignment will be the one factor to make them contribute in this online learning. XD


    1. Yes, sure. It would be fun and challenge for us to work on a group assignment with learners we have not met. It is interesting to see how online learning course will come up with supporting facilities. Having forum section in the MOOCs might be a good idea.

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  3. I gain more knowledge with this course also, especially, from comments of other learners. It convinces me to join discussion with other. With flexibility of time, it is very convenience that you can participate whenever you want. Finally, I agree with you that MOOC is a another education opportunity which should study as a part time.


  4. MOOCs seem like a boundless classroom for learners who have self-discipline. I have a friend who often share his weird opinions for the topic and also got many feedback. It may lead to another issues. Sometimes the most inspired ideas seem to just come from out of the blue.

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  5. For me, e-learning cannot replace the traditional learning. It’s totally different.
    We cannot get the same thing that we get in traditional learning for example face-to-face discussion and quick question and answer.

    As you said, combined both form of education would be a good idea. As we can get more knowledge from e-learning like taking other courses that is apart from what we are studying.


  6. I also think it is a new educational model that consists of such a wide range of information. For each session, they always provide a related links to another useful piece of information where we could learn even more. I remember spent time on each link quite a lot and it gave me good issues to discuss further on. I think MOOCs is actually a good place where PG students like us could pick out a good topic for our dissertation as well. What do you think?

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  7. Hi Pasinee, thanks for your comment.
    Yes, for me, most of the content in the MOOCs are new to me. The purpose of the online digital marketing course is introducing learners basic ideas of potential aspects/concern as marketers, business owners and consumers. It also raises the learners awareness of challenges being a marketer through specific examples i.e. interview with business owner or researchers. It is a good source of information to generate further idea and discussion, even case study and dissertation.


  8. Hi Penny, the learners can purchase a certificate either in digital or published format.
    But I think it may not be applicable for job application. There is a debate whether MOOCs certificate is equal to university-level certified degree because there is no strict criteria to proof that learners are fully equiped with knowledge and understanding of all topic discussed in the online content.


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