1st move

Hello everyone,

My name is Jananun. I am from Thailand and Ayutthaya is my hometown (one of the famous tourist destinations).

I used to work for Thai exports company in Sales and Marketing Dept. We did not involve with digital marketing, yet we seek to create a digital platform for customers and our local colleagues to interact with HQ for data analysis and marketing strategy purpose.

My curiosity and awareness of changes in business environment urge me to understand more about underlying factors toward business strategy and social momentum influenced by technology. Here I am, pursuing master degree in Digital Marketing in the UK. 

It has been almost three weeks adjusting myself to the new lifestyle and getting around the campus and the city. I am quite fascinated by national diversity of the people living in this city and I wish some day we will no longer be just a stranger.

Freshers’ week started and I enjoyed myself attending the events and being called ‘Fresher’ again. Many companies brought their stands with various activities; games, lucky draw and freebies. Students are required to sign up with their phone number or E-mail address before they can join the activities. So, I guess this is a win-win situation where students get to enjoy their time while the companies is able to collect our contact to reach us in the future. Why not have fun, right?

This blog is originally created as the class assessment, though I am intending to keep this blog alive by sharing marketing-related topics, especially digital marketing, on-going topics found in our digital world and some of my inspiration. Let’s see how it goes.

You can always inspire me with your ideas and feedback!!



One thought on “1st move

  1. Nice too meet you Ms. Jananun.
    I like to travel in your home town. I often go to visit various of temple there, I love it’s meaningful of history that our ancestor built many value things to us.
    I will follow your blog, see you.


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